There was a time when all Elizabeth could think about was how she was going to save enough to buy her family their next meal.

But that has all changed now that she has successfully completed her participation in the Liberia Ultra-Poor Graduation program.

“I can feed my family now without worries”, she says with smiles.


Down but not out


When Elizabeth’s husband died three years ago, she had to give up the businesses she ran with him and her and her 14 year old son put their focus towards growing a vegetable garden to make ends meet.

Unfortunately it was not enough, but with the start of her participation in the Graduation program, she has been able to switch her focus to growing her animal rearing business.


Saving for the future


Through working with her coach and the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), Elizabeth has finally been able to save and expand her businesses.

“The VSLA is really transparent and it is clear to see how our money is saved during the group process. Nothing is hidden from us. It is better than other savings plans I have seen.”


Not only has this allowed Elizabeth to grow her financial literacy and independence, it has also allowed her to gain self-confidence and control over her future.


Building and Looking Up


With the initial animal assets Elizabeth received from the program, she has now grown them ten fold. By expanding her businesses to include selling livestock feed and eggs, she can continue to build up her resources and facilities.

“In looking to the future, I plan on completing the construction of my home and will be sending my children to school.”