After speaking with Marie and seeing her buzz around the local market, one would never know the epic recovery she has made in her life.

Left paralyzed and speechless by serious illness in 2015, Marie has worked incredibly hard to take the opportunities in front of her to completely change the trajectory of her and her children's lives.


Learning the Importance of Savings


She now runs a small farm which includes various animals, and continues to diversify and use the loans from her local savings groups to expand into new markets.

A tenant of Graduation programs, Marie has taken full advantage of her Village Loans and Savings Association as well as additional, more informal susu groups to learn from her peers.


“These group settings keep us together and we are motivated by the progress of others. The teachings help me know the many problems [and solutions] that prevent many families from escaping poverty.”


Home is Where the Heart Is


This work has breathed new life into Marie’s goals of building a better home for her children. She has already built a new home with three bedrooms and a bathroom, and is looking forward to expanding her vegetable farm.

One surprise result of her recent journey: Marie’s husband reappeared begging for forgiveness and to be accepted back into the family. They are now one happy family once again.