Annie lives with her three children in Wanakpalai Town, Liberia. After losing her husband in 2017, she struggled financially, working for low wages and tending to a small vegetable garden.


A vision for the future


Annie was earning barely enough to buy food for her family when she began BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Graduation program. She hoped she would one day have enough money to build them a new home.


Growing sources of income


Through the program, Annie received three goats and 20 chickens. Now, she earns income from many different sources, running a cooked food business in her village, breeding and selling her goats and chickens, and expanding her vegetable garden.


Saving to build a future


With her extra income, she is able to send her children to school and regularly provide them with nutritious meals. She earns enough money to save part of her income with her Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), and she has a plan to save enough to construct a new house within the year.


With support from BRAC coaches to save and earn multiple income sources, Annie has improved her family’s situation and she is close to realizing her vision of building her own home.