Caught in Crisis


Liberia’s tumultuous history impacted Etta Copper’s family on a profound and personal level.

During the Second Liberian Civil War, Etta’s husband was blinded during the violence, leaving Etta as the sole breadwinner to care for herself, her husband, and their five children.


Without a Roof


Etta constantly tried to find work to support her family, but the only work she could find was inconsistent manual labor on other people’s farms. Struggling to provide a consistent income, her family began to struggle in a serious way.

The family often went to bed hungry, and without being able to afford a structurally reliable home, the family of 7 shared a dirt home with a thatched roof—in 2019, the roof collapsed, and the home crumbled while the family were with their neighbors.


A Foundation of Hope


Etta’s life significantly changed for the better when she enrolled in a Graduation program. The program not only provided one-on-one support from a coach and important life skills trainings, but economically empowered Etta with diversified assets to which she could generate a sustainable livelihood.

Soon after enrolling in the program, Etta’s sheep shearing and chicken farming business began to prosper.


Emotionally and Financially Empowered


“The program has helped me to learn how to manage a business and raise animals. Based on constant coaching and training, I am now saving regularly from the business and my animals are like friends to me because of the way I am taking care of them”.

With her newfound knowledge, skills, and income, Etta will use her earnings to purchase a new, reliable house for herself and her family. Graduation programs not only empowers people like Etta financially, but emotionally too - Etta proudly states that her progress changed the perception of friends and family members about her.

“They respect me now and I have a voice in the community.”