Raising a family is never an easy task, especially when one has to do it alone. Oretha, a proud mother of two, living in Bong County, Liberia, is no stranger to hard work as a single mother. However, oftentimes hard work just isn’t enough to get by without a little push.


Bringing Home the Bacon


Once she received her initial asset of three pigs, Oretha set into motion a plan to expand her business and climb out of the poverty trap.

She now owns 16 pigs and uses the money from selling her livestock to start a small grocery business. With a regular income, she can now feed herself and her children steady meals, and has enough every week to put into savings.


Finding the Power Within


More importantly, after successfully completing the Liberia Ultra-Poor Graduation program, Oretha fully understands it is possible to make and live a successful life without the support of a man.


She has also learned a great deal after working with her coach, like how to keep drinking water safe, the importance of sanitation, and topics surrounding family planning.

Oretha now uses her newfound knowledge and skills to live a healthy and happy life, and even serve as adviser to friends and family members.