Tekonblah is now able to look at her home without embarrassment. Before her work with the Graduation program she described her family’s home as ‘deplorable.’

During the rainy season Tekonblah and her two children would have to take refuge in their neighbor’s home to escape the deluge that would inundate her home.


She now has been able to put all her hard work and income into building a new foundation to raise her family, all the while expanding various, successful businesses.

After the initial asset transfers that helped her establish a grocery store, where she also sold chickens, Tekonblah invested her profits into a large cassava farm. She was even able to hire other laborers to cultivate the fields, resulting in over LR$190,000 (US$1,170.00) of profit, and still growing.


By focusing on the positive aspects of her life, Tekonblah has been able to actualize her goals and stick to a plan, and her confidence has grown right alongside her businesses.

Her community has taken notice, and her friends and family admire the work she has done and the quick progress made in all aspects of her life.


After completion of the program Tekonblah now has her sights set on getting into larger-scale commercial farming where she will export the crops to the capital city of Monrovia.

And of course she can now sit and admire the fruits of her labor from the comfort of her brand new home.