Aletha lives along the Lofa Road in Weasila Town, Liberia. Widowed many years ago, she now lives with two of her five children while the others stay with relatives in the city to attend school.


New hope


Aletha used to earn a small income from farming cassava and burning wood to make charcoal. Since participating in BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Graduation program, she has become a center of her community.


A growing market


The program empowered Aletha to start her own business, and she began running a small market while raising chickens. She has increased its value and hopes to continue growing her market.


“My dream is to become a supplier of goods in her surrounding communities. I also wish to extend the business in the city where my two last kids will attend primary school once they complete the village school here in Weasila town,” says Aletha.


An opportunity to learn


The income she makes means she can now provide meals three times a day for her children. She is able to send all of her children to school and pay school fees for her three children in the city.


Saving for the community


Aletha has also taken a leadership role in her community as chairperson of the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) with support from the Graduation program. A role model to her children, she has plans to continue expanding her business and her savings.